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  • 12DEC


    I am struck by how many times the word 'my' is used in my previous thought.

    My: the hope or assertion that something belongs to the self. An expression of surprise.

    Self: the essential characteristics and qualities of a sentient being considering their existence.

    My name, despite being the closest thing I own, does not define me, nor does it belong to me alone. It is a means to prompt memory and thought. My is no more mine than you and yours.

  • 11DEC
    My Name


    Although I have been known as Mike for many years, some have called me Michael. Those entering will now find my work. My namesake has left his name to me.

    My work is now protected a little more by those who wish to subvert or profit from it.

    My name forms part of my identity. Without it how else will people know or come to know of me? With name I know myself, my friends and family, my neighbours near and far.

  • 10DEC
    A Question of Judgment


    Art is often a question of judgment. I make something, stand back, then consider how I can improve it. There are no rights or wrongs, but some directions I take may not be as affecting as others.

    Eight months after I first published an artwork, I replace it. The colours in the new image better convey the vibrancy of life, and the eye-like feathered form (a mixture of vegetation, bird and animal), invites a richer reading of life in the context of the music and poem.


    Enjoy 'With Life, Love' at 100 Artworks

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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