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  • 18SEPT
    The Cost of Independence


    Creativity is stifled by indifference. If I am enthused by an idea or experience, the greatest force of nourishment is that another shares in my excitement. Perhaps this is why creative people often meet or form groups. Some gatherings require members do a certain thing, or follow a particular path before they are admitted, others are by invitation only. I have an aversion to groups because of the politics that ensues. The cost of independence is the journey of a lonely path.

  • 17SEPT
    Art and Love


    I am easily moved by those things I experience. I love the sight of dawn breaking, the sound of closely passing wingbeats, and the kindness of one to another. I feel at my best when I share these things. If those close do not feel the same passion, I am driven to create in the hope others will.

    My level of creative activity is closely aligned with my yearning to love and be loved.

  • 16SEPT
    Uninhibited Dance


    Perhaps we are drawn to the poetry of motion as it allows us to prepare for fight or flight.

    I do not dance anywhere near as much as I would like to. I am self conscious, and yet as I dance at a celebration I know it does me good. Later, as I watch from the sidelines, I am struck by the expression of joy uninhibited dance evokes in those watching as much as those moving.

    I long to dance, especially with, but I can only do so when completely at ease, and easily with love.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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