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  • 18JULY
    Self Defence


    Although The Rights of Living Things affirms the right to self protection, this right is not unqualified.

    My threatening your family and your community in the event you attack me is never acceptable. The use of a nuclear weapon for example is indiscriminate and catastrophic to all life. Self defence can only be justified when proportionate. I am an active pacifist and I will always advocate conflict resolution, whether personal, between larger groups, or nations. Peace emanates from those with love. Love.

  • 17JULY


    Hope: a positive quality of the mind that anticipates the future with optimism.

    'Hope' is a short contemplative work for piano, woodwind, and strings.

    Hope, even when fragile, is a gift that helps us face, then shape the world.


    Listen to 'Hope' at 100 Artworks

  • 16JULY
    The Act Of Defiant Creativity


    Making is an act of defiance in the face of threat, despair, and violence.

    The creative act is in open resistance to wherever malice is found, whether cruelty or destruction of the mind or body.

    In times of hurt and harm, making, no matter how modest, brings comfort and hope.

    Make conversation, write a poem, start a tune with head or voice. Become the strong.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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