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  • 24JAN
    Feeling High, Feeling Low


    At times my self-confidence is high, and at others it is low. Although I do not enjoy the unrest doubt brings, it provides the balance to my certainty. People who make things repeatedly pass the fulcrum of their contentment.

    As children we have little control over the constant flux of feeling good and bad, and perhaps because of this, when young, we tend to make far more.

  • 23JAN
    Becoming Something Else


    I enjoy the creative process most when it is an unencumbered conversation of ideas and practice. My ideas are expressed with sound, light, and words. When for example I place a word before me, it asks something of me through its meaning, associations, and beauty. I experience this as a conversation. In this context the practice refers to how that word is used, and where that word is placed.

    After I begin something it often becomes something else.

  • 22JAN


    A day can seem a season in itself.

    Depending on the temperature and pressure, water can exist below its normal freezing point. Depending on the dynamics and pressures of my life, I can persist without the normal comforts I enjoy.

    It is not only its beauty, but rarity that ensures the intensity of my experience of hoarfrost.


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There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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