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  • 18MARCH
    Being Beautiful


    I often wonder what it must be like to be physically beautiful. I am not, however I love things that are.

    I love the shape and texture of a ceramic bowl, the dancing light of a movie, the ideas and words of a poem, the sound of someone's voice, the push and pull of trees in high wind.

    Physically beautiful people are under the constant gaze of others. Their human exchanges are with those who wish to be close, often not for their interest, but for what they transfer by way of their beauty.

  • 17MARCH
    Article One


    Article One is published in support of The Rights of Living Things.

    Pulsing rhythms play in sympathy and syncopation. A sea of sound, effervescent and full with dance. An ancient and beautiful Armenian instrument made of apricot wood sings soulfully with the ebullient, ever present palpitation of life...

    Defining life and how I act towards it challenges my sense of human self-importance.


    Listen to 'Article One' at 100 Artworks

  • 16MARCH
    The Shortlist


    An image I created is on the shortlist for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The RA has presented this annual exhibition that invites submissions from anyone and everywhere since 1769.

    It is curious that association with a place can change the perceived significance or status of a work of art. The piece chosen is no different than it was before its selection, and yet others may think it so.

    Art is judged so often on a whim, or through association, despite the artist's wish.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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