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  • 26FEB
    No Strings Attached


    Giving unconditionally does not mean one does not long to receive.

    I make something with light, sound, or words. I spend many hours and days that often turn into weeks, and for my larger works, years. I publish these so as many can experience what I most value and observe without the distraction and cost of commerce or public comment.

    The price and prize of giving is by its nature far greater than receiving.

  • 25FEB
    The World Unseen


    The faint ghost-like form of a rocket launches from the centre of our forest-green earth, its fiery plume wraps the world with layers of gold where only a hint of ocean-blue remains.

    Through things unknown and its appeal to our senses, art draws us back, and as it does so, we ponder.

    Art's seed of discontent is laid.


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  • 24FEB
    Silence and Friendship


    During a conversation I pause to catch my breath, I ponder, I think. With friends, as we talk, the silence that sometimes falls between us fails to unfasten our attention.

    With friendship silence is neither passive nor uncomfortable, it is where the act of mutual attentiveness takes shape. Here, silence is rich with interest, kindness, and anticipation.

    Friends wait unencumbered in their shared silence.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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