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  • 22JAN
    Lavender and Rosemary


    Alive as bitter winter bites, on a small plot of land for care and cultivation, you find in flower, with scent and love: lavender and rosemary. Despite the cold, the northern light is strong. You make, then send the image of a dark blue paper print that holds their form, that you will further tend and forge as art.

    Fragrant, evergreen, healing needled leaves of old, purple-blue, culinary herb, ameliorating oil.

    Art is not merely the safekeeping of experience, it is its transformation.

  • 21JAN
    Beauty and Desire


    Beauty: a powerful positive quality I feel emanating from somewhere, someone, or something - outside myself, experienced by myself. That which is beautiful may be physical, an idea, or an action.

    A person, place, action, object, or idea is beautiful by way of its nature to inspire. When I sense beauty, I try to seperate my wish for it to remain, I try to place desire aside. Desire is my urge for something to be mine, the illusion that something can be owned when in truth all I ever have, as music, is momentary.

  • 20JAN
    Confidence or Arrogance


    Those who write believe they have something worth saying. I ponder on when my sense of self crosses the line from confidence to arrogance. Is what I write significant? It is conceit to think it so.

    I write because something moves me, or when I find something beautiful - I yearn for someone else to feel the same. I write to make sense of my experiences, and those of others. I write in hope.

    I try to write with love, for only love dulls the stupor of the self.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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