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  • 2APRIL
    Played Once I Live My Life


    I sit alone in my small music studio at the keyboard and load my favourite piano library. It is not the most expensive, but for me, it is the most beautiful. I begin with two gentle notes, and as I hear, I play.

    The order and strength of sounds emerge without plan. I play almost at the very moment that I hear.

    Making music from silence is a magical experience like the unfolding of remote uncharted wilderness.

    Treasured, the piece comes to a close, never to return. Played once I live my life...

  • 1APRIL
    Proof and Art


    When I see art or read words my immediate response is to the work itself. I feel first, then think. After I experience art and words that connect with me, I search for more by the same originator and uncover their story. What I find can change my feelings and judgements about the work.

    The strength of what is said may swell or lesson with the knowledge of who says it.

    With art, proof or its absence is magnified.

  • 31MARCH
    Why, What and How


    With people I hold back much of what I want to say but often say too much. With people I find conversations full with sub-text, doubt and need. My own and others.

    When writing I can better state my mind and worry less about my awkward pause. When I write I judge the tone and gesture of my words more carefully, I interrogate their consistency and honesty with more intensity. Whether words are spoken or written, I cannot help but question them.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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