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  • 2DEC
    Faith and Friendship


    In childhood I experienced religious faith and have since observed and respect this in others, despite my loss of it. Faith for me now, my trust and confidence in someone or something, has moved from the spiritual realm to the personal, and to ideas. Faith is not a rational experience. It cannot be proved. It is a belief, an acceptance that something is true without categorical evidence. With friendship as with ideas, I view there are degrees of faith, despite my desire to find it whole and complete.

  • 1DEC
    Dream New The World


    I make my world within: all I think, and all I feel.

    What I come to know I may not always understand. This is especially true of love.

    Dream new your world today.


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  • 30NOV
    Words As Art and Sound


    When I write, my first concern is for meaning, but I also care about the art and sound of words.

    By the art of words I mean their shape, composition, form and structure. When words are presented with care they hold more power, beauty, and the possibility to encourage understanding and change.

    The sound of words have an emotional impact and in this they are related to music. Some, even when they read to themselves, will whisper words, as if to confirm their inner presence.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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