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  • 20MAY
    No One Else Would Ever Know


    I discover a creative tool that promises to be valuable. The developer also makes a product that allows film and game makers to mimic the sound of weapons discharging. Although any tool or resource can be used for ill or good, there are some that are more likely to be used thoughtlessly and gratuitously. These may harm. I decide not to buy anything and contact the developer giving my reasons why.

    Though others neither know nor would likely care about my choice, my work would carry its shadow.

  • 19MAY
    Consensus and The Limitations of Great Art


    What makes great art? What great art have I experienced? Ask yourself. Pick a work.

    Great Art: something made that significantly moves the mind and heart.

    As my mind and heart is different to yours, great art to me will be different than to you.

    Many may say (a friend, critic, academic, institution, cultural norm) that a piece of music written by a well known composer is excellent. It may not be if it fails to move my mind and heart...

  • 18MAY
    Instinct and Choice


    Whether the qualities that define me are innate or nurtured matters to my confidence and sense of self-control. Perhaps my insatiable need to know was embedded in my environment and upbringing, my need to make, forged from the fire of childhood experiences. Perhaps we are born with propensities.

    If it is my nature to be something: this seems more difficult to change than if I have learned to be something. Can instinct be to love or harm? Whether nature or nurture, I am human, I act by choice.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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