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  • 25FEB
    Conceptual Art


    I imagine myself in a room where I see nothing but a single colour. There are no objects in the room which is lit completely evenly: the colour is without gradation or shadow of any kind. I hear no sound. I see no floor, walls, nor ceiling. At first I experience this in my mind's eye as an uncomfortable beauty, before growing increasingly unsettled. If you decide on the colour, do you become the artist?

    This is my wish: this idea is not art. An Idea may conceive an artwork, but thinking does not make it so.

  • 24FEB
    The Nature of Sadness


    I ponder on the nature of emotional distress: sadness.

    Sadness is associated with loss or absence of some kind: of my body, mind, or spirit; of someone or something that comforts me or gives me confidence and strength; of love.

    Sadness is also a tool that helps me feel the world of another.

    Sharing sadness is an expression of hope. Hope that another can be with, rather than apart.

  • 23FEB
    Mathematics and Art


    Composition, movement, colour, form and sound can in part be revealed through mathematics.

    One of art's essential characteristics is that it is an expression, a conscious and proclaimed utterance.

    A work of art requires an audience, whereas mathematics (ideas about number, quantity, and space), does not.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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