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  • 18OCT
    In the Twinkling of an Eye


    As I listen, I hear her words, and then in no more than a minute, she says these same words once more, and then, again. For her, the words are fresh, a question she seeks the answer to. I answer, she listens, she is comforted. We move to something else and soon, a minute more, she returns to ask again. I answer, as if for the very first time. I feel, I am moved each time she asks. She asks once more.

    Those things most often said reveal our greatest need. It is the same for me as her.

  • 17OCT
    To Know, To See


    I wake to see Venus and the Moon above the eastern horizon, at first against the deep dark blue of night, then little by little, their light together, steadily concealed by the dawn. As daylight approaches only the finest crescent is visible, then suddenly their reach is out of sight.

    I have loved looking up at the night sky all my life, and yet still, I so easily forget its beauty once the day begins. My knowing never quite matches the experience of my seeing.

  • 16OCT
    My Failure to Feel


    When I hear of violence far away, I all too easily ignore it as it does not immediately seem to threaten me, nor those I love. Besides, what can I do? What difference would my tiny protest make? Surely none.

    A life harmed, harms me. The harm may not be clear, but when I turn away, when I am silent to those harmed, when I face no risk to voice my view, I fail. My failure to feel lessens me, weakens me.

    When I care, I give a little of myself. Giving, even a solitary thought for another, strengthens me.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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