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  • 22JULY
    When I Fail To Give


    A few months ago I came upon a work of art that moved me. I wanted to share this, however as I researched the artist my responce grew more complex, and I kept the experience to myself.

    Despite its undoubted force at the time, the art faded from my view until yesterday when a friend brought up that same work as one that was deeply affecting. At first I did not recall the artist's name.

    When I fail to give I begin to forget, I become impoverished. To share rejuvenates my heart and mind.

  • 21JULY
    The Love of Little Things


    When I am in the company of nature, a friend, or someone I meet for the first time, it is the little things that stand above the rest.

    I walk into the quiet early morning and crouch down, close to a small clay pot that is home to an oak seedling I planted from an acorn in the spring. At times the changing tone of a leaf or spurt of growth captures my attention. At times it is a thought that sprouts from being close to such a fragile little thing.

  • 20JULY
    The Foundations of Doing Well


    I have learned that to do anything well I need to be active, and I must be attentive to how I drink, eat and sleep. If I fail to care for any one of these my competence is impaired, my achievements, reduced.

    If I am not active enough (physically, intelectually and emotionally), if I fail to drink, eat and sleep enough, I perform poorly. If I am too active, if I eat, drink and sleep too much, I perform poorly.

    To know what activity, nourishment and rest I require, I need only pause and listen.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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