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  • 20JUNE
    The Way I Hear


    I listen to a piece of music for the first time by an unknown composer. I do not know the name of the piece, when or where it was made, nor the instruments used. I respond to the music according to my taste, what I have heard in the past, and through my interest and love of music.

    I imagine I now discover the title of the music: Freedom. Does this change the way I hear?

    Although music may be heard without language or broader context, it is often enriched by these.

  • 19JUNE
    Competition and The Solitary Artist


    I am fiercely competitive. I am non-aggressive. I play to win. I respect the outcome of a game played fairly. I do not give up with unlikely odds. I make every effort to the very end. I do not yield easily. I never cheat. I am mindful of my strong desire to prevail. I try to offset my competitiveness with kindness.

    Art is not a competition, yet many of the qualities I have learned through competition are used in my making. Non-collaborative art can be a gruelling occupation. Art is not made by the faint hearted...

  • 18JUNE
    Between The Sheets of Sleep Awake


    Awake: the state of being, a journey towards becoming, or the instruction to be: conscious and aware.

    I consider the piano as an expression of my thoughts and feelings of my time between the sheets of sleep, and the orchestra, the elements of my dream and spirit world.

    I touch the spike of sound lay bare, where note and silence mingle clear, the beat of heart, my start and end, awake the journey whole and near.


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William Shakespeare



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