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  • 26MARCH
    When With

    Autonomy: liberty; freedom from external control; independence.

    I move online without restraint from one place to another. I act and feel as if by choice. I read, I see, I hear. For the most part I travel according to my whim, and as I journey I take much, and give little. No matter the size, social context, or power of device, my practice online is as an unsuspecting sovereign.

    My gaze is only disrupted by my need to be with others. When with, I search no more.

  • 25MARCH
    How I Mind: With Body

    Body: a coherent material structure; something abstract forming a unified whole.

    Mind: the internal, sentient place of feeling, perception, thought, will, and reason.

    Every moment my body breaths, my mind works. Every moment.

    At times I am aware, at others I am not. My being, my being alive is the confluence of body and mind, despite how preoccupied by mind or body I may be.

  • 24

    Hold Me

    I struggled to express a response to appalling events until news filters through about multiple acts of compassion given by passers-by.

    The ability of mind that allows one to feel sadness when confronted with another’s despair is among our greatest gifts to love. Without this we turn away, or worse, harm without concern.


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There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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