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    Compassion: 'to love together'. Feeling and concern for the misfortune of another; kindness that follows from need or distress born from a sense of interdependence and fairness.

    Trust of personal consequence is often overridden by those with compassion as their sense of strength and calm prevails.

    Compassion was composed in support of The Rights of Living Things.


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  • 31JULY
    Far and Free From View


    I am far, far from being the person I hope to be. I do not love nearly enough, I am not honest in all I do, I am not as kind as I could be. I try but often fail to live up to those things I hold dear. I am human, and in this I hold a part of myself free from view, despite placing great value on being open.

    In my making I can be honest, kind, open, and love, without restraint.

    Creating art in any form gives chance to share those qualities that ignite my heart and mind.

  • 30JULY
    Life is Short


    My son who comments on how short life is, as much for those who pass one hundred years.

    Whether something is short or long requires context and comparison.

    When I engage, or I am engaged, my time flows fast. When I search for love, time is never enough.

    When I make something I want to, be what I need to, or act how I hope to, time is short.

    When life is short I am a creature of time. With love my life can be far more than time constrains.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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