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  • 19APRIL
    Unseen and Seen


    Water Vapour: the invisible, gaseous phase of water.

    Dew: tiny water droplets condensed from water vapour.

    As many mornings since childhood: I walk outside, bend down, then run my fingers and palm gently across the dew-soaked blades of grass. This simple gesture connects me with the earth and sky.

    Poetry is as dew: the evidence of something changed, that comes to view from one state to another.

  • 18APRIL
    The All and None of This


    I need air, not just to breathe, but for its open sky.

    I need water, not just to drink, but to cry, to float and swim.

    I need food, not just to live, but for its fuel of time, to be, of being with.

    To make I need the share of air, of water, food, of you.

    To love I need the all and none of this, the kiss of life, the touch of dew.

  • 17APRIL
    Exploitation and the Artist


    Everything I experience is subject to the possibility it will be expressed in my art, music, or words. Take yesterday as an example. I reported my sister's accident and ponder on the brief moment of time when she viewed the inevitability of impending pain. With this account the reader becomes witness.

    The experience I wrote about was not mine. With this comes the added care of shaping the words so they are respectful of a person's dignity. The artist can so easily be the parasite of incident and feeling.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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