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  • 24APRIL
    The World Without Money


    Money has been used by humans as a means of exchange for around seven thousand years. Whatever its strengths and weaknesses, surely money is here to stay. If I believe money not only stifles our potential but is at the heart of so much waste and suffering, what is the alternative?

    Money is a substitution for trust and honour. I work on the publication The World Without Money where I present an idea(l) of what is and could be, and the places today where money has no hold nor sway.

  • 23APRIL
    A Waste Of Money


    Money is an idea - it cannot exist without agreement. Money stimulates self-interest rather than cooperation. Money's greatest shortcoming is waste. Countless people work in competition for the same end. Precious lives are spent doing things that have little personal relevance, while those qualities of greatest value are often ignored or remain undervalued. I look forward to a time when humanity casts aside the shackle of money and begins its more worthwhile journeys of discovery.

  • 22APRIL
    Earth Day ยท The Sum of Small Things


    I easily forget the care of our world and others as I focus on my immediate concerns.

    On Earth Day I try to be more mindful of my actions that, cumulatively and with others, have a positive or negative affect. Each day I cause change. I choose this change through what and how I eat and drink, by my use of energy and water, and what I choose to say. On every day I have a choice to love.

    Small things add up. We are the sum of small things.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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