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  • 24FEB
    Silence and Friendship


    During a conversation I pause to catch my breath, I ponder, I think. With my friend, as we talk, the silence that sometimes falls between us fails to unfasten our attention.

    With friendship silence is neither passive nor uncomfortable, it is where the act of mutual attentiveness takes shape. Here, silence is rich with interest, kindness, and anticipation.

    Friends wait unencumbered in their shared silence.

  • 23FEB
    The Oldest Art


    Pigment on shells for a necklace made by Neanderthals has been dated to 115,000 years ago. Paintings in a cave in Maltravieso, western Spain are 65,000 years old. Prior to these discoveries, Neanderthals were thought not to have created art. Homo sapiens no longer stand alone in this.

    The need to express visually and the appreciation of beauty is ancient, primal.

    Art connects me with my ancestors, those living, and those to come. Art's flow is far and wide.

  • 22FEB
    Music When Alone And With Others


    I listen to a short piano piece. The music is beautiful, powerful, mysterious. If I listen with others, if they move as I, slowly or with pace, at the same time and in the same place, we sense and share without the need of words. Movement and sound precedes language and meaning.

    Music I hear alone is enough to change my day from dark to light, and back again.

    Music I hear with others gives me, in its time, hope that others feel the same.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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