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  • 2OCT
    Trust and Art


    My first concern is for my survival, my second is for personal gain, whether emotional or practical.

    When I trust I increase the risk of being disadvantaged in some way. The benefit of trust is that it provides opportunities to share and grow. When art is owned, trust in its significance can be undermined or overstated by its monitory value. When I buy or sell, trust is uncertain.

    Art that is free to experience does not require trust. Art that is free to experience nurtures trust.

  • 1OCT
    Myself and Others


    When my 'I' is in the foreground, my 'with' is diminished.

    Most often I wish to do for my self. Yet I am happiest when I think of, and act for, others. Thinking of and doing for others is far from easy as my own interests and desires demand such attention.

    When I am low or ineffective, it is because I fail to focus my love on others and feel more for myself.

    The great strength of art is that it provides the means for us to experience the world outside our own.

  • 30SEPT
    Before We Take


    A great many things are beautiful, rhythmic, dynamic, yet do not demand our gaze beyond the moment of their presence. We have grown used to the short view. We see and hear with the attention of a honey bee - we collect as much as we can, as quickly as we can, then move on in search of satisfaction.

    Art at its best, at least for me, appeals to the heart and mind. Good art demands we wait, and that we think before and while we take.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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