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  • 9JUNE
    With Arms Outstretched

    A piece for piano, violins, viola and cello arises from a period of loss.

    We open our arms in the hope we are accepted. We are held by those who care for us.

    We hold those we care for, no matter our difference.


    Listen to 'With Arms Outstretched'

  • 8JUNE
    Why I Vote

    In England, candidates with the most votes in each constituency win. Losing candidates win no representation at all. I have voted for over forty years and in all that time candidates I have cast my vote for have never won. I live in a defective democracy. A proportional system with the right to abstain, and compulsory voting would be democratic. Nevertheless, I vote because it is my right. I vote so my voice is counted in opposition. I vote because it is a rare privilege born of sacrifice. If you can, vote!

  • 7

    A Line Crossed: I am not a Consequentialist

    I hoped to do no more than encourage those to vote during an election. With the announcement that human rights laws would be changed if they "get in the way" of preventing terrorism, I feel conscience bound to voice my strong opposition to this view.

    Governments require checks and balances to offset their power. Human rights laws are designed for this. I urge you to argue against any party that declares the ends justifies the means.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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