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  • 3DEC
    Art and Age


    My age or time of making may be of no importance to some, and of significance to others.

    Age provides context. With art, disclosing age can influence the relationship between the audience and originator. Dependent on cultural values and personal attitudes, art made by a child may not be viewed of with the same importance as that made by an adult, yet art holds value, despite, and because of age.

    As I gaze at a cave painting, its age informs its consequence, its creator's age, an irresistible mystery.

  • 2DEC
    Lasting Success


    If I study under an expert, if I become well known, if my work is sold for seven figure sums, should this count for the value of what I make? It is not the length of time something takes, the company I keep, the skill used, the price paid, but substance and affect that defines the lasting impact of art.

    I hold no formal qualifications, I attended no institution of learning or status, I have no network of influential or notable supporters. My work is available freely. Art stands on its own or not at all.

  • 1DEC
    Harmony · Consonance and Dissonance


    Harmony: something experienced as being together. Harmony may be consonant or dissonant.

    Dissonance: the discomfort or clash of two or more ideas, materials, or frequencies of light or sound.

    When I place two elements close in time or place, for example two colours, two sounds, or two words, a vibration arises between them. We feel this on a scale from beautiful to ugly.

    The difference of each individual's experience of art, in all its forms, keeps it vital, dynamic, alive.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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