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  • 27JUNE


    I work on a music composition.

    Hope is among our most important states of being. Hope often resides beyond reason yet gives us reason to continue. When hope is removed we are lost, alone. When given, hope brings strength and purpose to our world.

    Although I am at heart a hopeful soul, at times I have absolutely no idea why :)

  • 26JUNE
    The Peril of Comfort


    With choice I can turn away from those things that make me uneasy. This springs from my need to protect myself, my inclination to avoid risk, my hunger to survive.

    When I find a place of comfort, I am resistant to change. Comfort of my body or mind, comfort in my relationships, comfort in my work, in my beliefs both true and false.

    At times I fail to learn because of my resistance to meet the disagreeable head on.

  • 25JUNE
    When Love Is Real


    Alone, I come to know the nature of my love.

    With you, I am with love.

    Love is real when felt, alone, or with. When acted on. When hoped for. When lived.

    Love as friend, as family, as stranger lost or found, as all the world, or only one in all the world can be.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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