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  • 26MAY
    How I Feel


    When I feel strongly about something, I temper my desire to immediately express myself except with those I trust. Although this is born from my need to understand what people do and say, it is my way to maintain the bridge between one view and another. The snag of self-control is that often-times people remain unaware of how I feel, and how I feel is immeasurably important to my sense of resilience. And so, when I feel strongly about something, I make with hope to share.

  • 25MAY
    As A Child I Play


    It takes time for me to take things in. I give myself time to take things in. I need time to take things in.

    Late in the afternoon, following a night and day of feeling, of thought, I sit at the piano and start to play.

    Music arrives from a place unknown. It is the bringing together of my experience, it is not conscious. I listen as I play. I listen, as a child I play.

    Music is my kernel, the fruit within the shell.

  • 24MAY
    I Am With You


    I search for words that reach the young and old in equal measure. Words that touch those who believe and those who do not. Words that hold the mind and heart from striking out. Words that let us breathe, that say with strength: I am with you:

    One Family, One World

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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