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  • 25MAY
    Being Playful


    I have always enjoyed play, activities we engage in for enjoyment rather than for a particular outcome.

    Play often has a practical purpose, at least for me! Being playful is invaluable creatively, socially, and psychologically. I continue to be struck by how often play is not viewed of as a 'serious pastime' and often frowned upon by people in positions of influence and authority in the workplace. Whatever my occupation, when I play more my competence and happiness increases.

  • 24MAY
    Self Portrait


    There is an intensity and ambiguity to the close encounter of a portrait that leaves us with a palpable experience of the person. We must feel their presence as we approach and gather in the work. Although people are often central in my words and music, they more rarely feature in my images. I view the visual representation of humans as intimate acts of trust, thought, and respect.


    View my Self Portrait at 100 Artworks

  • 23MAY
    Seeking Balance


    I value making over destroying, hope over despair.

    I hold myself back from expressing my darker experiences. I try to find the positive from those times. Why?

    As with most every why, there are a mountain of reasons, but above all, darkness requires light to comprehend. Light, from its faintest hint, to blinding bright.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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