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  • 5JULY
    Taking Part


    When I look or turn the other away in times of difficulty, whether it be as commonplace as a personal disagreement, or as profound as the taking of life, I am diminished.

    With distance, detachment comes easily.

    Taking part, sharing, building, is for the strong. Be one of these mighty, and flourish.


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  • 4JULY
    Where Love Is Most At Risk


    I grow numb with every scene of tragedy and carnage that unfolds.

    The greater the cruelty, the less I feel. My heart begins to close with self protective instinct as we journey to the verge of unspeakable brutality.

    With one or many, love is most at risk at our place of poisonous detachment.

  • 3JULY
    Black and White


    If the world were black and white,
    Yes or no,
    Right or wrong,
    Nothing would be far from true,
    You would love with I and all would be for one.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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