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  • 17AUGUST
    Beauty and Light


    I draw my two previous thoughts together and publish these along with an image.

    As I gaze at the delicate lines of gold and pale yellow that reach and swirl in the darkness, I am struck by how language is so utterly insufficient in capturing sensation.


    Enjoy 'Beauty and Light' at 100 Artworks

  • 16AUGUST
    Our Single Seasoned Self


    We see and think with the same cells we were born with. Although more may be added through our lifetime, our other cells are in a season of constant renewal.

    The gifts of sight and thought are our most ancient and prized...

  • 15AUGUST
    Beauty and Love


    Why I value beauty : I am hard wired to be attracted to those things that bring nourishment and comfort in nature - the blue of sky and water, the green of vegetation, the white of summer cloud. I find delight in texture and line, in sound and thought. I feel a person as beautiful as much as when they give, as the sight of their form and timbre of their voice.

    Love, distinct from desire, is aligned with beauty.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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