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  • 23Jan
    The Right to Peaceful Coexistence


    I consider some of the implications of the second article of The Rights of Living Things: that peaceful coexistence does not only relate to humans.

    The declaration challenges us to respect the importance of all living things, and to act in ways that provides the best chance for life to flourish on our fragile world. Although this requires immense effort and creativity, this also provides us with an opportunity to cultivate our common purpose.

  • 22JAN
    Three Things Make One


    I have long been fascinated by the way sound, light, and meaning transform one another.

    Sound, light, and meaning, move, all at different speeds.

    The speed of sound being the most easily felt and understood, and meaning, the most elusive.

    The speed of light, while very fast, allows the mind to settle, and this pause gives rise to thought.

    Together, in words for example, sound, light and meaning combine: the movement of my world.

  • 21JAN
    The Why and How of Things · My Inward Gaze


    My thirst for more than meets the eye is driven by my need to understand, my yearning to know. You may feel this same thirst not only satisfied by sense or body, but also by the heart and mind.

    This cryptic place where I reflect on the why and how of things.

    The more I view, my view becomes my more.

    The more my inward gaze, the more I burn within to share the more of who and what I find.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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