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  • 20MARCH
    Be Still


    We share millions of images every day, some that move as time proceeds, most that stay the same.

    A touch on the phone, a click on the mouse, a swipe to upload.

    There is no greater chance to be heard in this cacophony than for me to more carefully consider the subject, composition, and manipulation of the images I publish.

    A still photograph or visual artwork is much like a poem - if I give it time, a wealth of thought will flow.

  • 19MARCH
    One Line of More To Come


    I add a final line to the short poem below. It seems fitting as the poem (my thought) is about how expression, communication and touch is never in isolation, but rather flows, from one moment, one day, one person to the next.

    If we fail to speak of language lost and touch of no not yes.

  • 18MARCH
    A Fleeting Thought Make Known


    If I do not express today,
    My tomorrow will be less:
    The otherwise of choice,
    Of seldom sought and wary voice,
    Of language lost and touch of no not yes.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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