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  • 1MARCH
    My Indispensable Tool of Survival


    I talk of art more than any other area of human activity because it has the capacity to bring people together, irrespective of their age, gender, cultural practices, politics, and religious beliefs.

    I view art as essential in my journey to understand others, and the appreciation of those things within and outside of me. Art is my most significant means of sharing and is aligned with love.

    In common with love, art is often exploited personally, competitively, commercially, and for status.

  • 29FEB
    The Free Spirit


    I am most at home in a world of endless possibilities. A place where my head follows my heart. A place of spontaneity where my thoughts and actions are unbridled in the service of kindness. A place where another feels the overwhelming force and beauty of nature. A place of dignity and respect. A place where others do no harm. A place to find. A place to love.

    The free in spirit do not seek a paradise of prolonged contentment as they journey far and wide.

  • 28FEB
    Sensed, Significant, Expressive, and Worthy of Attention


    If art is the movement from the mind to something sensed and significant, is literature art? Yes, but not always. The same is true for painting, film, photography, ceramics, and music. At times these things are made exclusively to persuade, inform, emote, to be practically useful, decorative, or to entertain.

    I spontaneously hum a short tune. I create music, but not art. It is possible for this to become art through its development, repetition or placement. I can make art, but art is not everything I make.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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