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  • 19JAN
    Seeing Things As They Are


    Wisdom is a quality difficult to describe, yet easily recognized.

    To see things as they are rather than as I hope or wish: I try to set aside those things I want but do not need; I try to overturn any feelings of frustration and anger; and I try to remain open to journeys of thought, knowledge and experience that may challenge my long held views.

    As I ponder on my meagre efforts I am far from being wise.

  • 18JAN
    The Loss of Less


    I feel the loss of less, my smaller moment with,

    Far from the crash of wave, the taste of salt, the scent of sea,

    In sight of land and sky alone, I feel my loss, my less,

    The sail in wind becalmed, the wrench of rope and strength of nature's hand, elsewhere,

    With less I feel my loss, as speck of grit my time escape, a wistful grain of microscopic sand.

  • 17JAN
    Where Music Comes From


    Music is organized sound that often has patterns we enjoy in the mind and body, that can appeal to our sense of beauty, and may trigger ideas and emotions.

    When I hear music I do so differently than anyone else, and so it is with you. We might respond in a similar manner, but not identically. We feel unpredictably according to our personal experience.

    Music becomes within.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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