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  • 19OCT
    As If I Know


    At times I state something as if I know, when in truth it is my belief. If I am to incite your curiosity, I must at times be forthright, and at others self-effacing. I balance my assertions with doubt in my hope that you will recognize my efforts to say what I think and feel are at the very least, honest.

    I value art in this journey as a means to explore and express my passions while avoiding direct conflict.

    Art is my act of hope that another might approach.

  • 18OCT
    A Concept Is Not Art


    Something conceived of in the mind alone is not art.

    An image is shredded at the point it is sold: the artist makes a political statement, a commentary about the value of art and its marketplace. Some consider the art is transformed by the act of destruction and claim it as performance art. Others, including the artist, assert its transition, its new context with a new name and new identity. I think people often confuse ideas about art, which I hold dear, as art.

  • 17OCT
    Now and Then


    Living now is an exploration of the change that is my memory.

    I think of what I experience in light of everything that, to me, has come before. When I sense the beauty of sky and cloud. When I run my touch against the bark of tree. When I see two people hand in hand. All is filtered through the lens of my being, both now and in the past.

    When memory is not present I loose myself. I make without concern for my moment. I free myself.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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