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  • 15FEB
    Accessibility and Art


    It is important for me that people have the same access to those things I make no matter their age, gender, their ability in mind and body, where they live, their economic circumstance, or what they believe. I make for those who experience the world as I, as much as for those who do not. For those who share my values, and those who feel contempt for them.

    I make for the chance for anyone to meet my world as they experience, act, and think in theirs.

  • 14FEB
    Heart and Light


    For those I love with Heart and Light. We may be in a private or public place. We may be in love, have loved, or wish for love. It may be that others have shown us love.

    Whatever my personal circumstance I view this day not as the hope for romance, but as a window of opportunity, a speck of time in which I choose to declare my feelings and thanks to those I love.

    Come close my heart, and love.

  • 13FEB


    The original meaning of the Latin word 'sanctuarium' referred to a sacred place. We now use sanctuary to describe a refuge from pursuit, persecution, or danger - both physical and psychological.

    Music has the potential to pause the hardness of our heart in times of violent change.


    Listen to 'Sanctuary' at 100 Artworks

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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