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  • 16APRIL
    The Fall


    My sister trips and falls badly down concrete stairs as she walks back to her home. She calls for help but no one comes. She makes her way to a church dripping blood all the way. Kind people tend to her. I receive a phone call and take her to the hospital. She has broken her nose, cracked her cheekbone, and fractured her eye socket badly. It is four hours before the pain becomes bearable.

    Back home she recounts her thoughts as the ground approached: "This is going to hurt".

  • 15APRIL
    The Choices I and Others Make


    The human mind prefers simple, speedy solutions. I often take the shortest route from A to B, but this may not be the wisest nor the safest path. I judge the choice is mine to take.

    A violent action in defence or aggression by a democratic nation represents its collective resolve and will. Certainty by its leaders seeks to sustain the people's support, and asserts the authority of their act.

    A nation is democratic only if its actions follow a free vote after open dialogue of its representatives.

  • 14APRIL
    Before Nations Strike


    The Right of Self Protection: A living being has the right to defend and protect itself with a proportionate response when in imminent risk, but not to carry out a preemptive attack.

    It could be argued that the principle of self protection extends to states and nations, but justification of defence outside the national sphere requires the "self" represents human kind. "We protect humanity".

    Before using physical force in this way, the disclosure of evidence and transparent debate are essential.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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