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  • 13NOV
    Those Things We Hide


    I have deeply held convictions about love, about our actions, and about art. I view anything I publish: every word, every pixel, every sound, as some small proof of those things I hold dear. I try, but often fail to be as careful, as thoughtful in my everyday, as when leaving these modest grains of self online.

    When in the company of others I mask my intense nature much of the time. Perhaps we long for those most we trust will love those things we often hide.

  • 12NOV


    I have viewed the advancement of technology as progress, when in truth it is often aligned to power and convenience than for the greater good. When we view peace as the foundation of our progress, when our tools are used to ensure food and water, shelter and dignity, when we care for our world, only then can we consider ourselves as making progress. But what can I, one single person do?

    We are all one. We are alone. When we love, something we can choose at any time, the rest will follow.

  • 11NOV
    Seeing More


    I live on a street with no lights. I like this as I can look up to see the stars.

    When I turn in for the night my eyes need time to adjust to the darkness. It is not possible for me to accelerate the process of this change as I look out my window into the moonless evening. I have to wait before I see well.

    Understanding, empathy and love is no different. I cannot rush these to know them well.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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