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  • 2OCT
    I, You, and We Have Power

    The strength of my power may be curtailed by what I do, and do not do, where I live, my age, health, gender, beliefs, my cultural, social and economic status, by love, by hate, by law and physical force.

    When I resort to cruelty I abandon my efforts to resolve my differences through persuasion. When peaceful protest is met with violence, the aggressor yields authority.

    Power that lasts comes only through peace, and peace comes only with respect.

  • 1OCT
    The Love of Others

    At this very moment of my writing, at this very moment of your reading, someone loves, someone is loved. I may be hindered, hurt, or worse, but as I listen to my breath, and this the next I take, at each and every breath a child is kissed, a hand is held, the eyes of two become as one.

    I am made stronger when my thoughts are of others. I grow weaker only as I think of me.

  • 29

    The Paradox of Loving Well

    Whatever I do I should do with love. I find this difficult. I love when my feelings, thoughts and actions are in the service and care of something or someone. I fail to love well when that someone is myself.

    Love of self turns quickly into my search for pleasure and well-being with less regard for others, and yet I need to care for myself to love others well: to make a positive difference I must be strong.

    It helps to admit and be mindful of the focus of my love: of myself, another, or something else.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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