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  • 18NOV
    Being With


    We meet in friendship. My heart is full. I wish to love, to share my love: of life, ideas, of nature, sound, of how things work, of light and day, of evening star, of beauty, sadness, thirst and dream.

    Love is viewed to share with one alone. I ask too much, and so, quite soon, we part.

    Each day I think of you, the many I have loved who keep their distance.

    How often I have done the same in fear of being with.

  • 17NOV


    Missing: a presence of mind or body that is absent; not easily found; lost.

    Paradise: a place regarded as perfect in setting, faith, or thought.

    I am young, I am old, I am weak and strong, I love as night, fire and wind approach.

    I yield to be no more with all that I have known. I become the flame, the heat, the smoke, the ash that reaches high above the land and sea, and over time enfolds the earth to fall and make anew.

  • 16NOV
    The Weather of My Day


    I start the day with small things of no importance to anyone but myself: my wish for this or that, my hope that I will make, my strength in health and heart, my sense of loss, my thirst to love, my breath. These things form the weather of my day, of being bright or covered with a cloud of grey.

    Contemplation: thought's calm and patient effort; my need to know; the journey from desire and pain; the foothills of my search for peace.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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