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  • 25JULY
    Those Who Make · The Artist


    In common with every human, I make. I make when awake and when asleep. At times I am conscious of my making, and at others my making happens so spontaneously I am unaware of the process.

    As I imagine, I make known to myself. As I form ideas and make known, I talk. All talking is making.

    When I purposely make, I am creative. Most people are creative. Those who dedicate their energy creatively, often identify themselves as artists. I prefer that artists are known as those who make art.

  • 24JULY
    Kill: End · Be Free of Pain · Forgive


    I make mistakes. I am flawed. Much of how I act is as a result of the care of others and good fortune.

    If I injure another by taking what is theirs: their possession, their dignity, their love, their life, I should face a consequence for my action, the most serious being the loss of my liberty. The Right to Compassion precludes my taking another person's life, no matter how abhorrent their action.

    Forgiveness is only given by those with courage and strength to free themselves from pain.

  • 24JULY


    I do somethings well and others, poorly. I improvise music, but my capacity to read written music is limited by my dyslexia. I enjoy understanding and can focus on a single task for many hours, but I do not retain detail - I retain concepts. My emotions lay close to the surface, yet I keep them under wraps. Those things I do well are not accompanied by abilities that are easily examined.

    Those things I do not do well encourage my appreciation of others: impairment is my greatest guide.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare



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